The ubiquitous trade show business is dull.

Since 2008, Coffee Ventures Europe has shaken conventional wisdom, putting meaningful human experiences at the core of everything we do.

Working across coffee, food, fitness, fashion, design, wellness and lifestyle, we produce immersive event environments that engage, inspire and thrill audiences across the world.

We do it our way.

Our collective of specialists in the art of crafting events and brand experiences is always up and ready for the next challenge. We like to roll up our sleeves. We thrive at creating credible (and edible) content that is sound and delivers across multiple platforms, while always staying true to our client’s brand story.

We plan, plot, research, strategise and scheme but we hear our heart too, that’s in our DNA. Pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo is what gets us out of bed every morning.

Amplifying events through rich content creation and precise marketing execution is what we do. Our visionary team is made of brand strategists, event producers, tech-savvy marketers, copywriters, set designers, stand builders, photographers and videographers.

We love new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Please get in touch to share yours.